Motion Capture Suit

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Need a mocap suit? We've got you covered! The T3D Mocap suit is a performance suit designed to be worn during rehearsals, live performances and professional shoots. The suit is skin tight, but very elastic allowing the talent to stretch to their full capacity and  to effectively form to the body in any pose. Furthermore, it includes adjustable velcro straps for the wrist, waist and heels. Zippers are located on the front of the top and bottom of the suit to make it quick to put on. Suits also provide ventilation under the arms and thighs should the talent need to perform complex movements for several hours. Suits come in slick complimentary colours: black&blue and grey&blue. Now that is something I can stick with! Get yours today!

T3D Mocap Suit - Black/Blue
1x mocap suit with target logo
1x hat nappy keyhole with 3 panel crown
1x gloves two fingers style 2
1x shoe neoprene wrap
50x patches neoprene oval 1.75x3.75in lt grey
1x debco valise with Target3D logo